Coming soon…


I’m giving a talk at USC on May 20 for the quantum information and condensed matter physics seminar. It will be about phase transitions in the graph partitioning problem along with wild speculation about the implications for adiabatic quantum computation.

I’m also going to the International Conference on Complex Systems this summer, talking about the partitioning problem but without the wild speculation.

I should hear back from UAI soon about my paper on using semidefinite relaxations to create statistical tests for hidden variables. After I hear back, I’ll post the paper on arxiv along with an explanation here.

That conference (UAI) is in Barcelona this summer. I already mentioned I’ll be at ICWSM, and also at another workshop about the “Future of Social Web”.

It will be a busy summer!

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  1. 1 Yudong Cao

    Hi Greg, I am Yudong from Purdue. I visited you guys at ISI earlier this year. Hope you are doing great! I would like to know more about your talk on “phase transitions in the graph partitioning problem”. Is there any way you could share more details (slides, pdf documents etc…) on that with me? Thanks! Regards, Yudong

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