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I’m giving a talk at USC on May 20 for the quantum information and condensed matter physics seminar. It will be about phase transitions in the graph partitioning problem along with wild speculation about the implications for adiabatic quantum computation. I’m also going to the International Conference on Complex Systems this summer, talking about the […]

The last Big Bang Theory episode was about information diffusion in social networks. The science consultant for the show asked my colleague Kristina Lerman to write about the topic for the Big Bang Theory blog. She mentions our recent paper (previous post). Unfortunately, although she gave the science consultant some of our graphs to put […]

I have a new revision available on arxiv of the paper What stops social epidemics? I’ll be presenting the paper at ICWSM 2011 in Barcelona. How likely is it for a virus or piece of information to spread through a network? If, on average, each person spreads the virus to more than one person than […]