That’s what greeted me in my garage one morning. Our garage gate broke down that night and someone came in and smashed a few car windows looking for valuables. Although my car doesn’t scream high living, my white ipod charging cord may have. When I showed up in the morning the police were there and they even dusted my car for fingerprints. What fun. Now I have a dilemma: get a new window? Or weld the door shut and go in and out of my car “Dukes of Hazard”-style?

6 Responses to “Smashed”

  1. 1 elj

    That sucks! Sorry to hear about that 😦

    You could try taping up a bunch of plastic wrap…

  2. Sounds like you’ll have to come to South Africa too, to escape the crime there…

    Seriously though, that’s no so cool — hope you get sorted out easily.

    I should probably phone sometime and see how the apartment is doing.

  3. 3 striker426

    sounds like you had fun

  4. 5 Adam

    If you’re going to be getting in and out of your car “Dukes of Hazard”-style, you better get a car horn that plays Dixie and see if Farah is willing to wear Daisy Dukes.

  5. Windows are nice things to have, especially if you ever plan on taking a winter trip to a cold place. Sorry to hear about your car smashing — that’s lame. :/

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