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I’ve been meaning to do a shout-out for Kristin’s List: Guide to events in LA. She picks quirky things, and could use some extra pagerank, so there you are. She has a weekly mailing list that is filled with fun things that I’m too lazy to drive to.

Borgie the Bear


Sadly, I didn’t make it to the star trek experience before their impending shutdown, but M&M did and they picked up this cuddly assimilator for me. “Resistance is cute-ile”? Cheesy, but I’d like to see you do better.



That’s what greeted me in my garage one morning. Our garage gate broke down that night and someone came in and smashed a few car windows looking for valuables. Although my car doesn’t scream high living, my white ipod charging cord may have. When I showed up in the morning the police were there and […]



Zephyr has just moved up my favorite coffee place list. Now they have free wifi, comfier patio chairs, and a hookah.

Wishing tree


These trees were part of an art installation in old town.

IQI cools off


There was a semi-yearly IQI get together last night at Johnny P’s. As usual, the ping pong and swimming pool basketball competitions were intense.  One conversation revolved around comparing marginalized subjects in various fields: Farah speaking of non-western texts in political philosophy and John talking about Garrett Lisi and Lee Smolin in physics. In retrospect, […]

Calvin & Hobbes


I read the entire page. Great memories and a nice discussion of the philosophical brilliance of Bill Watterson.