Caltech’s DNS: 1, Charter: 0


Apparently my rss feeds are still working the same, even though I switched from Paul’s hosting service to Mike’s ( I spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out who I had used for my domain host and then 10 more figuring what I had used for a login name. I finally got things working (while I was on campus), and then when I came home I thought I was going crazy because I got this for my web page. It turns out my provider’s DNS is cached, and I just have to wait until it refreshes. Or tunnel through caltech. Or not waste so much time worrying about my web site.

One Response to “Caltech’s DNS: 1, Charter: 0”

  1. Charter seems to be working now. I had been using a DNS server from University of Texas to get around some other charter lameness. I switched it back to charter today and here I am.

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