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Five years in and I finally feel an earthquake worth writing home about. This one was 5.4 and only a few miles away, near Pomona.  



Now that I have a blog, I have an outlet for revealing my procrastination. At Heidegger High School, the only sport is seduction. Only on The Peeb



Coffee place in eagle rock. Free wifi, nice environs.

This is from a place heather recommended. Good cheap food, but I guess all you can eat sushi is too often abused. My favorite part is that you have to eat all the rice or they won’t bring more sushi.

Apparently my rss feeds are still working the same, even though I switched from Paul’s hosting service to Mike’s ( I spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out who I had used for my domain host and then 10 more figuring what I had used for a login name. I finally got things working […]

Just a trial run for moblogging.

1. Create a research web page 2. Possibly do a little bit of personal blogging here, this seems more important now that some people are moving away. 3. Although I don’t think I’ll ever be the twittering type, I wouldn’t mind a little mobile blogging. Just a picture and note about where I am. This […]